This is My Year To…

…accept God’s INVITATION

Do you remember a time when an invitation came addressed to you and you opened the envelop with such excitement and anticipation you could hardly stand it?  You knew without a doubt that this would be the experience of a life time, picturing what you would wear, who you would be with and how the occasion would unfold?  That is how God wants us to feel about His invitation to us.  He knows exactly what we need and He wants to provide that for us.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…”  Matt. 25:35 NIV

His invitation to DEEPEN our relationship with Him
We are promised that if we hunger for more of God, we will be filled (Matt. 5:6).  God wants to give you a steadfast faith that ignites a tender yet passionate boldness to see the promises of God fulfilled in your life and your world.  When your walk with God intensifies, your influence will go viral and others will want to know Him too.

His invitation to INCREASE our spiritual gifts
Jesus promised that if we believed, streams of living water would flow out of us and we would receive a power to share our faith to a lost and confused world (John 7:38 & 39, Acts 1:8).  We have been given this year to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, using the gifts only He can give, to ignite the sleeping church and intrigue those searching for the supernatural.

His invitation to OVERCOME our fears
The greatest fear we face is rejection.  This pain holds us captive from living joyfully, serving God wholeheartedly and loving freely.  God has so much more for YOU.  He has not only invited you in, He is calling for you to come to a place where He will provide rest, healing, growth and direction for each new day ahead (Matt. 11:28-30).   If you accept His invitation, you will not be disappointed, but rather overwhelmed by this year of adventure that awaits you.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, as I embrace the promises of this New Year I am encouraged to know that it is your desire to be my friend and confidant that I can share my heart’s desires with.  I am yielding myself to you so that your power and gifts will be free to flow out of my life and minister to those in need.  I reach for your outstretched hand as I walk through this year by faith.  I accept your invitation!

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About Ruth Puleo :

Ruth Puleo

Ruth Puleo is an ordained minister, conference speaker, writer, mentor, and serves as the Women of Purpose Director for the Penn-Del District of the Assemblies of God. She passionately seeks to impact the lives of women and girls with courage and inspiration to follow God’s call on their lives. Ruth and her husband, John were called to pastoral ministry for 38 years while raising their three children. The ultimate blessing has been the gift of eight precious grandchildren.