I Have Nothing God Can Use

My sisters were very talented. I had none! I could never compete with them. They could sing and play many musical instruments. One was an artist, and the other a public speaker. When my mother was asked what I could do in comparison to my sisters, she replied, “Ruth cleans the house well.” That wasn’t very flattering! How was God going to use me when I had so little to offer Him? When God asked me if I was willing to serve Him in ministry, I said “but, what can I do for you?” God replied, “Can you give a cup of cold water to a thirsty person?” All God wanted was my willingness to use what I already had, and He promised to bless it!

“And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” Matthew 10:22 NLT

Many of you may be thinking the same thing:

What do I have to offer God?

I am not talented.

I can’t do a missions trip overseas.

I don’t have a lot of money to give.

God is not asking for what you don’t have. He is asking for you to give what you can. What does God really want from us? I believe He is greatly pleased with our willingness to serve – taking whatever we find for our hands to do and doing it with all of our strength and our whole heart.

“Whatever the activity in which you engage, do it with all your ability…” Ecclesiastes 9:10 ISV.  

I love this verse in the Message translation. “Whatever turns u, grab it and do it. And heartily!” It doesn’t have to be a huge revelation from God, just a basic need and a simple heart tug that inspires you to want to make a difference in the lives of those God places in your path.

Women will say to me, “I want to speak publicly, to have great ministry, and to be a powerful influence.”  In response, I usually share how I started out in ministry: by cleaning our church, teaching a Sunday School class of 4th graders, working at a local school, and saying “yes” to whatever God brought my way that I felt I could do to honor Him. I started out with the smallest and most behind-the-scenes areas of service.  And after all these years, I am still honored to do the unseen areas of ministry just as much as the ones that are on public display. God sees our heart, blesses what we offer Him, and increases our opportunities of influence as we are faithful with what we have before us.

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.”  John 16:10 NLT

I want to encourage you to ask God to show you the need that is before you. Then, if you are able, if you have it on your heart, and if you feel in your spirit this is from God, say “yes.” God will grow you, bless you, and in giving, you will receive!  Don’t view any area of service as “small.”  If it is what God has asked you to do, then it is important in His eyes!  God doesn’t measure the value and effectiveness of ministry as we do.  If one life is transformed and welcomed into the family of God because of your obedience, He is rejoicing!

Let me encourage you in one more way that you can give what you have, and God will bless it.“Can you give a cup of cold water in Jesus name to those in need?”  I believe you can, and we would love to help you do just that!

During the month of April, Women of Purpose is raising money to Dig A Well in Ethiopia to provide clean drinking water for women and children. Women and children are dying from the diseases that are caused by impure water sources. Julie Pitt Neal, Brad Pitt’s sister, adopted two boys from this village in Ethiopia where children are dying from a lack of clean water. Her children suffered the effects of drinking disease-infested water. We want to dig this well before more children become ill. In May, I will be traveling to Ethiopia, along with Julie Pitt Neal and the World Serve staff, to visit the village where the well is to be dug.  World Serve is a non-profit organization that digs wells in East African countries where clean water is not available.  

You can give a cup of cold water to one of these little ones that Jesus loves so much! There are several ways that you can give. Please see the available options and select one or two of them, and as the Word says, you will surely receive a reward from God. (Matthew 10:22).  No amount is too small. Give what you can and God will multiply it (John 6:11).

Ways to give:

  1. Donate a Basket for our Spring Tour Auction – visit our website here for details
  2. Give a donation on our PennDel Women App – download the app, go to “Giving” tab and click on “Project Offering”
  3. Give a donation when attending one of our four Spring Tour nearest you

See our website or app for more information on our 2018 Spring Tour

Let’s pray: Lord Jesus, today I am offering you myself and all that I am for you to use however you see fit. I am willing to serve in my local church, in my community, and wherever the doors open that you confirm is your will for me. I am also thanking you, that when I am obedient to do what you have asked, you will pour out a blessing I cannot contain. So today, I say YES.  I say YES to your will and your way in my life.  

About Ruth Puleo :

Ruth Puleo

Ruth Puleo is an ordained minister, conference speaker, writer, mentor, and serves as the Women of Purpose Director for the Penn-Del District of the Assemblies of God. She passionately seeks to impact the lives of women and girls with courage and inspiration to follow God’s call on their lives. Ruth and her husband, John were called to pastoral ministry for 38 years while raising their three children. The ultimate blessing has been the gift of eight precious grandchildren.