Conference Registration

November 9 & 10 @ The Hershey Lodge, Hershey PA

Conference Details

Weekend Pass

STANDARD (Sept 11 – Nov 7)

     Regular (for Adults) – $65.00

     Discount (for Student (age 12 – 22), Single Mom, Senior (age 65 +)) – $50.00

ONSITE (Nov 8 – 10) Regular – $70  Discount – $55

     Regular (for Adults) – $70.00

     Discount (for Student (age 12 – 22), Single Mom, Senior (age 65 +)) – $55.00

  • Only Weekend Passes are available due to limited seating
  • Deadline for Large Group Seating Form for groups of 30+ is October 16

Workshop Pass      

STANDARD/ONSITE (Sept 11 – Nov 9) – $30

A Fresh Word from the Father’s Heart – Alex Seeley & Lisa Bevere (Speakers waiting on God for a personal message for our group)

  • Includes access to TWO one-hour sessions
  • Workshops are not included in the Weekend Pass
  • Purchase passes while available due to limited seating

Registration Directions

  1. Select the number of each ticket type that you need. Click “Add to Cart” next to those ticket types.
  2.  Passes will only be added to your order if you click “Add to Cart” next to those ticket types.
  3. Click “Cart” to view what you have selected. Please verify the quantities in your cart and your total bill.
  4. After you have verified your order, please enter the “Buyer Information”. This is the information for the person in charge of placing the order and managing the order. All passes will be emailed to this person.
  5. Then, enter the “Attendee Info” for each pass. Please be sure to enter the correct names for the type of pass (Regular or Discount).
  6. Then, “Proceed to Checkout”.
  7. Choose to pay by check or credit card. *Note: If we do not receive your check payment by October 31, your order will be cancelled.
  8. Passes are transferable, but not refundable.
Ticket Type Price Qty. Cart
Weekend Pass - Discount (Senior/Student/Single Mom) $ 50
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Weekend Pass - Regular (Adult) $ 65
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Workshop Pass $ 30
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