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  • She Serves

    She went to the river that Sabbath morning. It was the place where she connected, the place where she prayed, it was the place where she worshiped. Those who worshiped at the river were usually women, but this morning by the river, she noticed some men. You see, while Lydia was making her way to the river, God was orchestrating the steps of the apostle Paul to do the same. Their paths would cross in this place of worship and her life from here on out would never be the same. God’s Word tells us that Lydia was a God worshiper. She worshiped the One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but the Good News that God had come in the flesh in Jesus Christ had not yet come her way. As Lydia listened to Paul share the Truth, her heart was opened. She heard the Truth,
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    What to Wear: Dress for Success According to Whom?

    Knowing what to wear can be challenging and costly, to say the least. This is not only true in our culture of fashion and peer pressure, but no matter where we travel in the world, what line of work we do, and who we are with, what we wear matters. If we want to fit in, feel good about ourselves or be successful, we often consider how we are going to dress.  To complicate the decision of what we wear, styles are constantly changing, we are influenced by the area we live in and possibly the convictions of those we are with. Sometimes, there can be an expectation for us to match the colors, theme or style being featured at an event we are attending, a place we are visiting, or where we work.You know what that means…a careful perusal of your closet for any appropriate clothing and jewelry pieces
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    90’s Karaoke and Time With Jesus

    Jesus said to them, `Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.’ Mark 6:31-33 (WE) I was in the middle of baking four dozen chocolate cupcakes. Both my daughters have birthdays the same week and I was knocking out this task while they were at school one morning. I decided I would blast some of my favorite musical hits from my younger years while they weren’t around since I wouldn’t receive any flack or questions like, “what is this stuff?” or “how could you listen to this?” I was a few songs in to my personal karaoke session (fully equipped with wooden spoon-mic) when I started to feel this little nudge on my heart. It felt similar to the way God will correct me at times, so I responded with, “but there’s nothing wrong with the lyrics.” I was just having
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    Your Vote Is Your Voice

    Voting day is quickly approaching and making news across the nation. To many this is a day looked upon with frustration and uncertainty, while others ignore the significance of the day as a whole. “Why even bother to vote?” some say, feeling powerless to the choices printed on the ballots. “What difference will my vote make anyway?” Although I understand the vexation they feel, as I read the scriptures of the Old Testament I am reminded of the responsibility we have. Recently, while reading the book of 2 Kings I found it telling how the Israelites went through seasons of having leaders that served the Lord, and kings that worshiped idols and false gods. One king in particular, King Manasseh, led his people astray to a truly deplorable state were they did more evil than all the detestable nations the Lord had already destroyed before them. During his long reign
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    Garbage Days & Pastor’s Ways

    When my sister was little, I remember her telling me once that she wanted to be a garbage man(person) when she grew up. When I asked her why, she said because then she would only have to work one day a week. This, of course, brought about some laughter before explaining that even though they come to our house to take the trash only once a week, that isn’t the only day that the garbage men work. It is easy to understand where the idea came to her. Thinking back on this moment, I wonder, how often is the same thought about our pastors? How often are they thought to have a one-day “job”. Sunday morning, you go out, and it is their job to bring the Word and pray, and help to equip you for ministry. You worship, you listen, you pray,  and then go home, not really thinking
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    Be That Tree

    The mangrove tree makes its home on the shoreline of numerous countries in southeast Asia, particularly those closest to the equator. No one on a mission to landscape a home or beautify a city would request a gardener highlight this particular tree as part of his plan.  An obscure tree that is not particularly attractive, the mangrove tree is not known for its beauty, the mangrove tree is known for its roots. The mangrove tree is not planted by the water on the shore, the mangrove tree is actually planted in the water by the shore. Between each tree, seen resting on top of the water’s surface, is a tangled mess of what appears to be sticks and debris, twisted and entwined to the place where it’s difficult to decipher exactly where the mess begins or where it ends.This unattractive compilation of sticks and debris looks messy, neglected and unpurposed,
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    On the Other Side of Obedience

    Have you ever stepped out of what is familiar, or made a major change in simple obedience to God’s prodding? You have no idea what is ahead of you, but you feel confident that God has directed you and you must follow through. If you have, you are not alone in your obedience to God and your pursuit of Him. Abraham understood the gravity of obedience and had no idea what would be on the other side. He left his home country, began a huge journey with all of his family and flocks in tow, not knowing where he would end up. But, without a doubt God directed His steps and lead him to a great place. “It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance.  He went without knowing where he
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