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    We took a trip to Florida recently and I was amazed at how I felt as I boarded the plane. It was same as when I boarded the shuttle bus that would carry us from long-term parking to the terminal. I kept waiting for the fear to rise but it never did. Not too long ago I was frozen on the ground. Merely observing a plane overhead caused me to panic. To actually fly made me physically ill and I’d obsess over the trip for months in advance. The night before a return trip home -just four years ago- saw me curled up on the bathroom floor, sobbing. It was irrational and I knew it, but the fear had me gripped in its claws. It no longer controls me. I still don’t like flying. I don’t like how it makes me feel; I get the same feeling on an elevator
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    From SCARED to SACRED By Way of a Holy Perspective

    I’ll admit right from the start…I’m a bit of a nerd…a word nerd, that is! I know, pretty geeky, right? But it is totally true. I love words. I love the sounds they make, the games they play, and the fun they have when perfectly positioned in a poem or in prose. I love rhymes, alliteration, and statements that stick. Yep, I even love grammar and the rules it imposes on words. It’s all fascinating to me, and oftentimes God will show me something in a word picture. In fact, He drew a picture for me with the two bold words in the title of this article by simply rearranging two letters, and what it spoke to my heart was pretty profound! Have you ever been scared? I know, I know… dumb question, right? We’ve all been scared. Scared to take that next step. Scared to make that phone call. Scared
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    My Crown of Joy

    We can all struggle with the tendency to become annoyed with people.  Little nuances like; how a person chews, clicks that pen in a meeting, drives, or whistles all day long can make you feel like someone is running their nails on an old fashioned chalkboard. As Christians, we strive to keep our cool, and keep ourselves in check. We know we are to “love our neighbor as our self” (Matt. 19:19), but some days, frankly, that can seem far reaching. We know we should “value others above ourselves” (Phil. 2:3), but it’s just that it! It is our “self” that gets in the way, where selfishness can take over, pushing the other person’s needs and desires aside. I came across a verse when reading in Philippians one day.  It may have been one we have all glossed over in the past. An introductory phrase, yet, I know that every
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    The Way in a Manger

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6 (NIV) The years prior to Jesus being born were very dark. Isaiah says that people looked for light, but all was darkness. God had been silent for many years, and people were desperate for direction. There was confusion, distress, and yet – hope. In the midst of great darkness, God’s light is unmistakable. God uses the most difficult of circumstances to show his grace & love to the world. A season of trial leaves us empty handed, stripped down, and humbled by life. There is no worldly comfort to hold on to. And yet, we can have hope. We can have hope because God has promised us good things. John 10:10 says, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (KJV). That means that even in our darkest
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    What If You Didn’t Struggle?

    Have you ever just had “one of those days”? You know, the kind where you sleep through the alarm clock, you’re late for work, you accidentally dress in two different shoes, the kids are arguing and complaining, and you get to work only to realize that you forgot your coffee! It is not even 9am and you are ready for the day to be over. Sometimes it is just “one of those days”. But maybe for you it has been one of those weeks, or maybe even one of those years. Whatever the situation, you find yourself in, I want to ask you this… What if you didn’t struggle? Usually, when we find ourselves in the midst of a struggle we really don’t want to be there. However, thinking back on my life, where I am now, and who I am today, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have
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    Save One

    Have you ever helped someone with a problem, then realized the aid you gave was from a place of learning in a dark stormy part of your life? Or what about the times we seek help for our own problem from someone we know has walked this path before us? Either way, we gave or received comfort. It’s such a satisfying moment when we understand a difficulty we faced, and what we learned in that difficulty we could later transfer to someone else. I have to be honest that’s a pretty good feeling. It makes you think about your problem differently, like you didn’t go through it just for yourself. Maybe you had to travel that path to help the person sitting right beside you. When you’re able to give the help needed, you feel somewhat like the person out front hacking down the weeds first so everyone behind you
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    Health for the Long Haul: A Look at Hormones and Stress

    Hormones are being spoken of more often and openly these days and the Western medical model is now incorporating hormone health and stress management into overall vitality and wellness care more than ever before.   Individuals are now realizing that this common aging and lifestyle concern is worth evaluating in their quest to live, look, and feel better.  Today, even church ministry leaders are bringing these healthcare related topics to the forefront by hosting workshops and special forums to engage and resource adults in a unique and effective way.   Hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc on a person as they go through various stages of aging. These changes can especially be significant for a woman as she goes through the reproductive years, through the menopausal transition, and as she simply adapts physiologically to life’s stress and unexpected difficulties. Hopefully this short article will bring enough insight and interest, even with limited
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