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  • Posts By: Tiffany Miller

    Christmas Bucket List

    As a child, it seemed like most of the month of December was spent waiting for Christmas to finally get here. Did anyone else count down the days and imagine what that magical morning would look like with all the gifts under the tree? Then when Christmas Day came and eventually passed, it was suddenly over and so began the waiting for next year. A few years ago I decided that I wanted the season to be more than just waiting for one day and I wanted it to be about more than just getting presents. Yes, the anticipation is fun and I love seeing my children’s excitement grow a little more each day. But I wanted to get more out of the entire month of December and really create a season of Christmas, while also helping my children to focus outward and not just on what was on their
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    A Disease Worse than Cancer

    I hate cancer. Now, I don’t use the word “hate” often, nor do I feel hatred toward very many things. But I really hate cancer. I hate what it does to a person and how it can take a vibrant, healthy individual so full of life and reduce that same person to one who is weak and fighting for breath. I hate that it is such a long and difficult battle for the patient and their loved ones. I hate that it is so prevalent today and you’re hard pressed not to find someone who hasn’t been personally affected by it, one way or another. As horrible as the disease of cancer is, I’ve found that there is one even more dangerous and more prevalent. The disease of doubt. When a loved one of mine faced cancer, I prayed and believed that God would heal him. For a short time,
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    Daddy’s Princess

    Growing up, one of my favorite movies was the 1995 version of the story, “A Little Princess”. I had seen the Shirley Temple version a couple of years before and enjoyed it, but the ’95 adaptation captured my heart. In this story, a young girl named Sara, who was adored by her father, was sent to a boarding school while he went away to war. She was popular and loved and treated like royalty until news arrived that her father was killed in battle. Now an orphan, suddenly Sara’s world changes overnight. She is no longer the star pupil, but forced to work as a servant at the school to help cover the costs that her care incurred.  My favorite thing about this movie is how Sara handles this horrible change in her life. She continues to hold her head high and her spirits higher. She is still loved dearly
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    Squad Goals

    A few years ago, my husband had been battling a nasty virus that had him in bed several days and feeling pretty weak. By the third day or so, he wanted to try moving around and attempted to take a shower. He probably should have taken it easy a little longer, because he ended up passing out and hitting his head. I heard the commotion and ran to the bathroom to find blood from where he’d hit the edge of the counter. We spent our Saturday morning in the ER so he could get staples to close the wound. It wasn’t how either of us would have liked to start the weekend, but I was so glad that I was there when it happened because he was too weak to take care of it himself. Recently, I was having a very difficult time while grieving the loss of a loved
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    Streams in the Desert

    As December drew to a close last year, I was seeing more and more posts on social media about what an awful year 2016 had been. And it’s true that the year was wrought with much grief and sadness. So many tragedies across the country, a divisive election, and what seemed like the passing of an icon every other week. (Towards the end of the year it felt like every day) It’s no wonder so many people were ready to wash their hands of such a year. When January 1st, 2017 dawned, those posts were replaced with hope for the upcoming months, from Christians and non-Christians alike. From my fellow believer friends I saw the same verse shared over and over: “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”
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    A Gift for the King

    Growing up, there was always a spectacular display of gifts under the tree on Christmas morning for me and my siblings. It was a lot of fun as a kid to have a mountain of new toys and gifts to play with, and my parents (particularly my mom) loved going a little above and beyond to see the excitement on our faces. Now that I have kids on my own we’ve scaled back on the number of gifts considerably, but there’s added pressure to find the perfect gift that is going to be the one thing they love for all time and make their Christmas day one they will never forget. Super realistic, isn’t it? A few days ago I was singing along to Christmas songs in my van (#momlife) and “Little Drummer Boy” came on. This was never a favorite song of mine when I was younger, but I’ve
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    No Need to Panic

    Note: This post was written prior to election day, and before we knew who was elected as the next president. However, regardless if the candidate you wanted to win did or not, the message of trusting God with our future remains the same. We must choose to live in faith, not fear. There’s a game you can play with a friend where one person says a word or phrase and the other person responds with the first thing that comes to mind. Let’s play that together now: I’ll type a phrase below and you say the first thing that comes to mind after reading it. Ready? Presidential Election 2016. What was your first response? Disgust? Apathy? Laughter? Denial? I’m sure that most everyone would agree that this election season, with imperfect people on display, has been far from flawless. I don’t recall another election that was so filthy from the
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