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  • Posts By: Ruth Puleo

    Miracle on Your Street

    Miracle on 34th Street is an irresistible fable that has, for many years, become synonymous with celebrating Christmas. What draws people to this heartfelt movie during the Christmas season is the yearning we all have to see dreams fulfilled and hopes come true. Everyone is encouraged and inspired when they hear an account of a single mom and her daughter finding what they are longing for – the hope that good, kind, and generous people still exist today, the extraordinary happens and genuine love is possible. This Christmas we have experienced a MIRACLE ON OUR STREET. Just days after the Women of Purpose Conference, my husband, John, was scheduled for a heart catheterization. We were expecting a simple procedure with the possibility of a stint installed for greater blood flow. It would result in one overnight at the hospital and all would be good. This procedure was not scheduled due
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    What to Wear: Dress for Success According to Whom?

    Knowing what to wear can be challenging and costly, to say the least. This is not only true in our culture of fashion and peer pressure, but no matter where we travel in the world, what line of work we do, and who we are with, what we wear matters. If we want to fit in, feel good about ourselves or be successful, we often consider how we are going to dress.  To complicate the decision of what we wear, styles are constantly changing, we are influenced by the area we live in and possibly the convictions of those we are with. Sometimes, there can be an expectation for us to match the colors, theme or style being featured at an event we are attending, a place we are visiting, or where we work.You know what that means…a careful perusal of your closet for any appropriate clothing and jewelry pieces
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    On the Other Side of Obedience

    Have you ever stepped out of what is familiar, or made a major change in simple obedience to God’s prodding? You have no idea what is ahead of you, but you feel confident that God has directed you and you must follow through. If you have, you are not alone in your obedience to God and your pursuit of Him. Abraham understood the gravity of obedience and had no idea what would be on the other side. He left his home country, began a huge journey with all of his family and flocks in tow, not knowing where he would end up. But, without a doubt God directed His steps and lead him to a great place. “It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance.  He went without knowing where he
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    How to Transition Well

    Change is inevitable. It happens to us all. The seasons of life change faster than we can keep up with them. Children grow up, move away, get married, and start having babies of their own that work their way into your heart. God promised us that the seasons of life would continue to emerge from one to another, so we could be aware and prepare for it. I want to transition well. How about you? “To EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1 AMPC Every season of my life has provided so many precious, life-altering moments that are recorded in photo albums and ultimately embedded in my memory bank to recall during family gatherings and quiet moments of reflection. When we plan and prepare for a new season, the anticipation can be exciting and delightful. However, sometimes change comes without
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    Can Anything Grow in Hard Ground?

    God knows that even a believer passing through a winter season in life can develop hard ground, where growth is hindered, and it becomes difficult to break through.  Even though we have a personal relationship with Christ, and have been fruitful in the past, the cares of this life and the weight of a winter season can make our once fertile soil impenetrable. The enemy of our souls will do his best to take what was once a person of effective ministry and create a spiritual dryness that reduces us to barrenness. When our children were young, we lived in a neighborhood with a farm across the street.  Every spring the farmer would dig up the ground beaten down by the winter’s snow. Then, he planted seeds, hoping they would grow a crop of corn so he could harvest it in the fall. One year, we noticed that the farmer
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    Making It Big

    What is my goal in life?  How will I know I have been successful? We are bombarded with social media, news reports, and magazines that constantly create an image of what success looks like. If you are famous, have money, are followed and sought after, that means you have “arrived.” People who win a prize, beat the record, or make a discovery, have achieved what someone else did not. Is that what it means to be successful? These are not just secular measurements for achievement, it is in the Christian culture and lingo as well. We are encouraged to “Dream Big,” to long for “MORE,” and to “go the distance.”  All of this is Biblical and in-line with God wanting His children to have faith to see great things accomplished. But, for who and why? It is so easy to get side-tracked and focus on ourselves, rather than God.  There
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    Can I Love Like Jesus?

    I will never forget when God changed the way I viewed people…flawed people…people who hurt me. It had been a long, hard journey with our youngest daughter who was suffering with chronic daily pain. Her discomfort was so severe that she had to drop out of High School. We made every attempt to home school when she could focus enough to read her lessons. It was hard to watch her vomit for hours and beg for silence in the dark just to cope with such severe discomfort. I did everything I knew to do!  I took her to doctors, tried many medications and treatments, including several hospitalizations to break the pain syndrome, but none of the medical efforts relieved or lessened the intensity of her suffering. After three years of watching her struggle with no cure in sight, I sat on the porch filling out disability papers to ensure we
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