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  • Posts By: Jennie Puleo

    Surviving Christmas

    Congratulations!!  You survived Thanksgiving.  Barely? You may be realizing that you have already gotten into an unhealthy holiday craze of scheduling, meeting family and friends’ expectations, over-spending, or just working tirelessly to fill an empty void.  Your anxiety may be increasing now that you’ve realized that you’ve over committed and over extended yourself to make this Christmas “The Best Christmas EVER!” and you have no idea how you’re going to pull it off. Or…you just survived the most catastrophic family gathering from which you left wounded and broken and would be perfectly fine to avoid seeing any of those crazy people again till next Thanksgiving! You’re licking your wounds and cowering in the corner hoping to hide out till the New Year. Regardless of which scenario you relate to, you still have time to regroup and regain control of your holidays to make them more meaningful and enjoyable. If you
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    Fear vs. Faith

    Have you ever suffered the plague of the “not enough” fears; not being good enough or strong enough, having enough, doing enough, saying enough, looking pretty enough? All of us, at one time or another, have experienced that nagging little voice in our head that whispers, “You’re not enough”. Even the most successful people in this world have had to learn how to ignore that voice and just keep moving toward the goal no matter how afraid they were. A while back, I was listening to a podcast by Louie Giglio that confronted and altered my entire perception about fear and faith. He said that we can choose what we put our faith in. When we put our faith in God and we trust him with our life, we are given peace and rest in exchange. Fear, he simply put, is our faith in the enemy and his schemes and
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    He Walks with the Broken

    As a high school student, I recall multiple occasions where I arrived to class on a Monday morning and, shortly after the bell rang, a classmate hobbled in with a cast on their leg; relying on crutches to stabilize their gait. They had a note to excuse their tardiness and usually a good story to explain the broken limb. As they favored and catered to their injured limb and followed doctors orders for “no weight bearing”, they tended to move a bit slower and required the assistance of others to help them open doors, navigate hallways and get in and out of their desk. Because they were still practicing how to steady their own weight by balancing on one leg and two wooden pegs, they had a friend walk with them to carry their book bag and school books. In my school, the injured and their designated helper were given
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    Grace Calls You Forward

    Sin. It beckons us back to the place of shame; back to the place of doubt; back to the place of self-destruction. Over and over it calls us by our wrongs and tells us that’s who we are and will always be. Come back. It fools us into thinking we had it all, have it all, in that moment. It clouds our perspective and tells us this is all there is. This is the best that will ever be and it won’t get any better. Come back. It skews our vision of blessings that are right before our eyes. It causes us to think that we need to look for more, that it’s not enough and we need to create the good things in life ourselves. And we go back. We go back to the place of doubting what is good, what is true, what is honest and lovely. We
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    An Open Letter to Single Moms (and any mom who needs encouragement) on Mother’s Day

    Dear Friend and Mom, I wanted to take a moment this Mother’s Day to say “thank you”. I know you  don’t get the consistent affirmation or accolades that you deserve for all that you do. And even on Mother’s Day, when moms all across America are being honored and celebrated, you may not get breakfast in bed or have a collection of hand made cards presented to you. You may not get the “day off” from cooking or taking care of the kids. And I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you probably won’t get to sleep in like you often dream of. There probably won’t be anyone to tell you that you’re doing your job right and celebrate the positive influence you have on your kids, but that is not a reflection of the job you are doing. Today, I want you to know
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    A Hot Mess at Dinner

    The other week, after two days of travel and managing our first Spring Tour event, my daughter and I headed home with our Women of Purpose administrator, Tiffany, to stay with her the week between events. Tiffany’s husband was away for the weekend and Tiffany’s mom had been caring for her girls while we were away. In the short 24 hours before we arrived, two of her girls had cycled through a really nasty virus and her third started feeling sick. Before long, she was vomiting every ten minutes. Already exhausted from the weekend, Tiffany and I stayed up until midnight to assist the sick kiddo until she was able to rest. Tiffany was still “on call” until about 2AM. I was awoken by my own daughter at about 4AM, who was saying random things in her sleep and hallucinating from a really high fever that had spiked overnight. Now
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    Voice of Truth

    As women, we long to reflect beauty and value. We desire to live a life of purpose and offer the world something of substance. Unfortunately, that same world is continuously telling us what we lack, need or have to have in order to create that value and reflect that beauty. It can easily leave us feeling inadequate, lesser than, and well…ugly. We tend to live in constant disappointment when our reality doesn’t line up with what we believe is true.  This false belief must be addressed and combatted with TRUTH. Often the sense that something is missing is a reflection of the failure to realize what we have or what IS. We feel as though WE are not enough; that we don’t have what it takes to be completely wonderful and whole all on our own; that our lives are not significant and valuable without X,Y & Z; that we
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