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  • Posts By: Diane Swan

    Finding Jesus on Vacation

    It’s my favorite time of year. The time when everything starts to slow down, when days are filled with sunshine, and when everyone in the family is eagerly anticipating the highlight of the year . . . vacation! Over the years we have traveled to many different destinations for our annual family vacation, but Florida, by far, has always been the fav! Gorgeous white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and Disney World are enough reason to want to put this vacation place on repeat. But, besides all the alluring attributes of this vacation destination, there is still one more reason I love to visit Florida, and that is because Florida is my Holy Land. Fifteen years ago, a much younger, more broken version of me, went on vacation to Disney World, clueless to the fact that my life was about to change forever! I had no idea that when my
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    Be Still…And Move!

    Two words I have heard my entire life are, be still. As a child with way too much energy and a father with very little patience, those words decorated the air in my youth. “Diane be still at the table!”, “Diane be still in the car!”, “Diane be still, be still, be still!” It was very easy to understand what my father in essence was instructing me to do . . . he was basically telling me to stop moving!! Be still always meant the same thing . . . sit still, don’t move, and stop fidgeting. But now, as an adult, I hear the voice of a different father instructing me with those same words, and yet, I can’t help but feel they have a completely different meaning. The first time I read those words in the Bible was in the story of the Israelite’s exodus out of Egypt. The people
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    When You Feel Unqualified…

    It’s so easy to say I am unqualified. All you have to do is take a sneak peek into my life or my mind and it becomes painfully clear that I do not meet the qualifications. I have this imaginary qualifying list I use as a measuring stick to determine if I am adequate enough to be used by God. I hold it up against all of my short comings and read the mark: Spazed on my children – DISQUALIFIED! Grumbled at my husband – DISQUALIFIED! Showed up late for church – DISQUALIFIED! The list goes on and on . . . A couple years ago it reached its climax. After the completion of my ministers credential examination I came home and my youngest son sweetly called me “Pastor Mommy”.  The reality of my calling and the awareness of my shortcomings collided! I thought about all of the times I
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    The Raging Sea of Insecurity

    Have you ever felt insecure in your calling or position in life? Has there been days were you gaze at what lies on your plate and you think, “There is no way I can do this!” Maybe you’re a mama with little ones you are trying your best to tend to as your husband works out of town.  Or a mother facing the many daily challenges of educating and homeschooling your children. Perhaps you are a business woman with endless job demands that seem to grow more by the second, or even a wife that is in a season where she is called to love and care for her husband during a very difficult time. No matter your position I think we all as woman can relate to the intense and overwhelming feeling of insecurity in our abilities to move forward each day and manage all of life’s demands. These
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    Learning to Live in the Present (Not the Past, Nor the Future)

    It was a God moment. Occurring during a simple conversation, no fireworks or miracles present and yet, it was pivotal for us both. On a long over due lunch date with my sweet sister friend, we let down our walls, opened up about our real life struggles, and spoke from our hearts. As I was sharing with her my recent difficulties, I discussed what I believe is the God lesson I am currently saturated in…. learning to live in the present. Maybe to you that sounds like a fairly simple task, after all we are beings that do not travel back in time, nor do we leap into the future…at least not physically. But our thoughts seem to all together have different time traveling abilities. Even though we physically live in the present, in this very current moment, our minds spend the present dwelling on the past and being fearful
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    How to Re-Emerge After Being Knocked Down

    There have been many times in my life, where I have been abruptly interrupted and thrown into a state of trepidation. Moments where I have gone from enjoying a peaceful day, awaking from a restful slumber, or even celebrating a joyous event, only to be thrust into the reality of a devastating blow. An email informing me of my employment separation, a doctor telling me of a difficult diagnosis, encountering the presence of a vile perpetrator, and worse of all, a phone call . . . the kind that everyone fears, from a tearful, grieving loved one, with unexpected heartbreaking news. I have experienced them all. Each traumatic event, each with its own unique impact and pains. And yet my response to them all was the same. SHOCK. FEAR. DEVASTATION. When shook by such intense emotions, my body, mind, and spirit are too overwhelmed to handle life’s unexpected moments, and
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    The Runaway Bride

    For years my girlfriends called me the runaway bride. I’d be in a relationship. It would get serious. We’d talk marriage. I’d get close to taking the plunge, and then inevitably instead…  I’d run. I’d runaway. End the relationship. Often breaking their hearts. At the time I wasn’t sure why I did this. I wanted to be married. I wanted to be loved. But whenever the topic came up in a relationship, and the conversation and action steps started to move in that direction, I’d completely freak out! Maybe I was afraid I’d mess things up again. Maybe I felt like it was impossible for someone to love me over the long haul. Whatever the reason was, it was a horrible habit to have. It persisted even after my salvation. The subconscious source of this tendency was obviously grasping tightly onto me, refusing to let go. At one point I
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