An Open Letter to Single Moms (and any mom who needs encouragement) on Mother’s Day

Dear Friend and Mom,

I wanted to take a moment this Mother’s Day to say “thank you”. I know you  don’t get the consistent affirmation or accolades that you deserve for all that you do. And even on Mother’s Day, when moms all across America are being honored and celebrated, you may not get breakfast in bed or have a collection of hand made cards presented to you. You may not get the “day off” from cooking or taking care of the kids. And I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you probably won’t get to sleep in like you often dream of. There probably won’t be anyone to tell you that you’re doing your job right and celebrate the positive influence you have on your kids, but that is not a reflection of the job you are doing.

Today, I want you to know that YOU ARE AMAZING!

I know that so many days feel like a struggle as you are responsible for caring for and instructing tiny people that depend on you for everything. I also know that it is emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausting to manage a household, provide an income and maintain a home completely alone, all while meeting the needs of others. I understand the challenges that arise when you or your tiny person are sick and you are the only person who can get that much needed item from the store. I know you sacrifice yourself and your desires daily. I know you go without so your kids don’t. I know the ache that is felt in your chest when your child asks why their dad isn’t at their special event or doesn’t take time to call. I also know that you question every decision you make and wonder if it’s the right one for you and your kids. I know you worry that you are not what they need or aren’t present enough for them as you are just trying to stay above water in all that you are balancing. I know you’re afraid of messing up and failing them. I know you grieve for what they don’t have or have lost.

You’re not doing as bad as you think you are.

If you identified with any of the above statements, then you really care about the humans you are raising and you are genuinely doing your very best. That is all God asks of us! In our weakness, HE is made strong. Showing up for this job every day is leaving a lasting imprint on your child’s heart. Striving to do better today than you did yesterday and modeling how to turn to God when you don’t have all the answers will leave a legacy.

You are NOT alone.

Despite the isolation you may feel in doing everything by yourself, you are not alone. Don’t believe the lie. I see you. God sees you. He’s with you daily. In all of the craziness, He is ever present. And as you take time to look at the world around you, you will see the people that God has placed there so that you can share your beautiful life with others.

You are the MOST important person in someone’s world.

Even when you feel SO insignificant and unnoticed, to your child you are their entire world. They are looking to you for direction and love, protection and encouragement. You may be the one person whom they can trust and in whom they feel safe. Though they may not be able to articulate it or know how to show their appreciation, you are an extremely vital part of their life and have such purpose.

God chose YOU.

Should you ever doubt whether you are the right woman to mother your children, please remember that God strategically placed your children in your hands. I know there are many days when you feel incapable of being what they need, but that’s not because it’s the truth. God knows exactly what you need to raise your kids and what your kids need to be raised well. And He handpicked you for each other. As you seek Him for direction, He will be faithful to guide you and provide for you.

I pray that you have a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

You are a strong, brave and beautiful woman! You are loving your kids to the best of your ability and they know it. Non-single moms look at you with wonder and have no idea how you do it, because you are managing so well with what you have.

Though you may not be pampered or taken to lunch, you are valued and adored and are worthy of some honor today.

With All My Heart,

Jennie Puleo, fellow Single Mom

About Jennie Puleo :

Jennie Puleo

Jennie Puleo is a Mother, Writer, Speaker, Author and Registered Nurse. She has always had a deep love for the Lord and her desire to serve and obey Him is what has carried her through so many of life’s chaotic circumstances. The loss of children, abandonment of spouse, chronic illness, multiple surgeries; so many times and places where God has met her in the middle of a storm! It is now her passion and purpose to share all that God has done in and through her by speaking and writing.