About Us

Looking back with appreciation…Looking ahead with anticipation!

The women of the Pennsylvania-Delaware District have had a heart to minister for God from their earliest inception.  It was in 1951 at a District Council that the first resolution was created for the authorization to organize a Women’s Missionary Council in our district.  We want to show our appreciation to the women who have served our district as the directors of this ministry over the years.  Each of them brought with them not only ministry gifts, but vision, faith and lots of hard work to see that God’s will would be accomplished.  Their faithfulness and joy in service have touched us all.  In speaking with some of these dear ones, I was once again admonished to follow 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  We have a mandate before us.  With such a rich heritage, we have the greatest foundation upon which to build.  God is still speaking to hearts, transforming lives and calling women forth into ministry. Women of every age and from every status are coming to the Women of Purpose Conferences held each year in November seeking for more of Christ, entering into worship and ready to spend time in prayer.  There is an urgency that is propelling women and girls to develop unique ministry opportunities to reach people in their communities with God’s love. Will you join with us as we look back with appreciation of our heritage and look forward with anticipation to what God is going to do in the lives of women in the days ahead.

Women of Honor who have served the PennDel District as the director for the Women’s ministry.

1951-1956   Mrs. Adolfus T Smith
1956-1957   Mrs. Alfred Buckley
1957-1964   Mrs. Helen Jenkins
1964-1978   Mrs. Hazel Williams
1978-1980   Mrs. Heather Owen
1980-1996   Mrs. Jayne Grove
1996-1998   Rev. Lillian Sparks
1998- today Rev. Ruth Puleo


Natural transformation…Spiritual expectations!

When we see in nature the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly, we get a glimpse of what can be done in us on a spiritual level if we will allow God to create change.  The potential for beauty and rising to ones full potential was always there, but the process is absolutely necessary for this transformation to take place. “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Most of us want to be like Christ, but none of us relish the cocoon experience that enables us to let go of the old and become a completely new person.  To be “in the cocoon with Christ” involves saying “yes” to God in every area of our lives and instant obedience to His will.  As Matthew 6:33 (Amp) instructs us, “…aim at and strive after His way of doing and being right and then all these things taken together will be given you.”

After giving God first place in our lives, we are called to spend time “in the cocoon” with Him through reading the Word and prayer. “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is…” (Romans 12:2).  We will begin thinking like Christ as we share quality time with Him.  The potential for us to exude Jesus Christ and to reach spiritual heights is residing within each of us, simply waiting for us to enter into a daily, intimate relationship with Him.


Our name has changed…We have changed!

We are Women of Purpose!
In the past, the national women’s department held the title of…Women’s Missionary Council.  Then it changed to…Women’s Ministries.  Then became…Women’s Ministries Unlimited.  Most recently, they have now chosen “For Every Woman” as their name and logo.  However, the women of the Penn-Del District have emerged from the cocoon as a vibrant butterfly known as the…Women of Purpose.  Not too long ago, a woman came to me and said, “I have not come to any Women of Purpose events because I don’t like being around women’s events that bash husbands and beat up on us.”  I am not sure where she has been, but believe me when I say, that is not US.  Come and see!

We are using Women of Purpose as our name, logo and ministry vision to help women of all ages realize that there is so much more that God wants to do with us and there are so many more opportunities of ministry where we can be effective for God.  We encourage you to embrace Women of Purpose and make this vision the focus of your ministry to women in your local church and community.

What about us…?

ALL NEW “Women of Purpose”Encouraging Women
It is a new day for women across our nation and around the world.  Every woman was uniquely created by God, with a profound purpose for her life. Women are in new places and new roles and experiencing new pressures.  Our fast-paced and troubled world can leave women emotionally needy without adequate resources on which to call.  Today’s woman is ministered to by understanding and compassion, presence, conversation, and connectedness.  God desires that every woman experience His love, fulfill His purpose and rise to her full potential as He intended for her from the beginning of creation.

“Women of Purpose” is for every woman in the Pennsylvania and Delaware area, reaching beyond church walls, doctrinal beliefs and generational differences to provide inspiring events that refresh and refuel today’s woman.  God wants to use every woman to touch her world.  Our goal is to equip, empower, enlighten, engage and encourage each one to be a woman of purpose making an eternal impact on lives.

NEW Women of Purpose Website – Enlightening Women
Women ‘in the know’ constantly search for resources, advice and guidance to be aware of the needs of women, providing a steady flow of ideas and information, as well as, answers for common issues.  There is a flood of information, book reviews and links to other creative websites available for every woman.  Check out our NEW website for Women of Purpose with all of our resources, up coming events and on line registrations.  Stay connected to what is happening with women in our area and download our newsletter to share with your friends.

NEW “United For A Purpose” spring events near YOU – Energizing Women
Women need connection and conversation to feel heard and cared for.  Our ‘Creative Team’ of women (from all over the PA & DE, every status and age group) met last summer to discuss how we can effectively meet the needs of women through our Women of Purpose events.  As a result, BIG CHANGE took place!  We have 12 amazing “United For A Purpose” spring events planned across the PennDel District with connection, conversation and Christ as the focus!   A meal around tables, great worship, gifted speakers, fun activities, shopping and more are a part of this new format.  There are several new area leaders, new locations, new connections with great churches that have developed from relationship and connection.

NEW Women of Purpose Conference – Empowering Women
Every year women from all over the northeast part of the United States, as church groups, individuals, youth, college students, every age come together at the Hershey Lodge, Hershey, PA for the most fantastic weekend of their life.  Many come early on Thursday night in time for an Evening of Prayer and stay over so they are ready for the early morning Refresh and Refuel sessions on Friday. The main conference sessions begin on Friday afternoon and go through Saturday afternoon.  Dynamic worship, amazing singers, empowering speakers and life-changing sessions make for a power-packed weekend that you will never forget.  Women come in bus loads, they travel from far away, they come hungry for God and they are glad they came.  You can register at our website, download promotional materials and bring a group of friends.  This is for every woman.  This is for YOU.

NEW National Women’s website – Equipping Women
In order to equip every woman to minister to the unique needs of other women in her church and community, the national office has provided an amazing website with downloadable courses with resources to help women develop influence and lead by example.  There are six leadership categories you can choose from for a small fee.  They are:  Growing My Heart, Growing My Skills, Ministering to Women, Establishing Ministry, Planning and Leading Events, and Downloadable Resources.  This provides endless possibilities for your leadership team as everyone can study at their own pace in the convenience of their own home.

NEW Missions Trips – Effectual Women
If you want to make an eternal difference in someone’s life, join our next Missions Team for a trip of a lifetime.  Women travel with the team to foreign countries with a desire to bring the message of God’s love to hurting women, starving children and even discouraged pastors and wives.  But, they ultimately return to the USA tremendously blessed in their own personal relationship with God while having given out to help others in great need.  On our last missions trip to New Delhi, India, we ministered to over 2,000 children, 300 women, and 250 pastors and wives.  We also had teams minister in 3 churches to over 800 people during Sunday morning worship, children’s church or Sunday School classes.  Every team member can tell you their personal story of how they gave out to others and received so much more in return.

NEW Missions Projects – Endorsing Women
We believe in standing with ministries that influence and affect the lives of women and girls for eternity.  Some examples are: raising funds for the Home of Hope – Texas to rescue girls from sex trafficking.  Another project is to raise money for computers and desks for girls in the Hope Learning Center of New Delhi, India.  When you educate a girl, you save her life from poverty, death, prostitution and hopelessness.  Our projects empower girls and women to become all that God has planned for their lives.  Check out our present projects listed on this website.