2018 Fearless Conference

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November 9 & 10 @ The Hershey Lodge


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Our Purpose

We live in a complex world so we have a simple plan. We encourage ladies to join us in our effort to refresh, refuel and build relationships in the lives of every woman that God places in our path.

1. Join us at the District and Area events each year for Women of Purpose

2. Get connected to a local church with a women’s ministry where you regularly attend

3. Build relationships with women and become an influence in their lives for eternity

These three fulfill the spirit of the Great Commandment (Mt. 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20).
Our Purpose is also our Process. We will continually challenge people to evaluate how they are doing at these three areas: Loving God, Loving Others and Serving. When someone truly knows and loves God, she begins to love others and the natural result is to serve and give.

We can Change the World one life at a time!

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