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  • Invitation by Lysa TerKeurst

    Lysa TerKeurst is the main speaker for all three sessions at the 2017 Invited Conference. Watch the video below and we hope you will join us in November! For more information about the 2017 Invited Conference, please click here.  

    The Runaway Bride

    For years my girlfriends called me the runaway bride. I’d be in a relationship. It would get serious. We’d talk marriage. I’d get close to taking the plunge, and then inevitably instead…  I’d run. I’d runaway. End the relationship. Often breaking their hearts. At the time I wasn’t sure why I did this. I wanted to be married. I wanted to be loved. But whenever the topic came up in a relationship, and the conversation and action steps started to move in that direction, I’d completely freak out! Maybe I was afraid I’d mess things up again. Maybe I felt like it was impossible for someone to love me over the long haul. Whatever the reason was, it was a horrible habit to have. It persisted even after my salvation. The subconscious source of this tendency was obviously grasping tightly onto me, refusing to let go. At one point I
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    Fear vs. Faith

    Have you ever suffered the plague of the “not enough” fears; not being good enough or strong enough, having enough, doing enough, saying enough, looking pretty enough? All of us, at one time or another, have experienced that nagging little voice in our head that whispers, “You’re not enough”. Even the most successful people in this world have had to learn how to ignore that voice and just keep moving toward the goal no matter how afraid they were. A while back, I was listening to a podcast by Louie Giglio that confronted and altered my entire perception about fear and faith. He said that we can choose what we put our faith in. When we put our faith in God and we trust him with our life, we are given peace and rest in exchange. Fear, he simply put, is our faith in the enemy and his schemes and
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    A Disease Worse than Cancer

    I hate cancer. Now, I don’t use the word “hate” often, nor do I feel hatred toward very many things. But I really hate cancer. I hate what it does to a person and how it can take a vibrant, healthy individual so full of life and reduce that same person to one who is weak and fighting for breath. I hate that it is such a long and difficult battle for the patient and their loved ones. I hate that it is so prevalent today and you’re hard pressed not to find someone who hasn’t been personally affected by it, one way or another. As horrible as the disease of cancer is, I’ve found that there is one even more dangerous and more prevalent. The disease of doubt. When a loved one of mine faced cancer, I prayed and believed that God would heal him. For a short time,
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    A Really Bad Hair Day

    Have you ever worked for months to grow out your hair hoping to achieve a totally new hairstyle…only to have your new haircut be a disaster? Once it is cut, you can’t go back! You can’t glue those lovely long locks of hair back on. All your dreams of an amazing new look are now being swept up from the floor and you are in a puddle of tears. You reach out to someone who has experience in these matters and can work magic. After all, when that haircut is going to be followed by a photoshoot capturing the “new look” for years to come, you need help fast! This seasoned hairdresser evaluates the damages and shares her report, “even more must be cut to fix the problem.” My first reaction was not good. But, I knew she was right.  The only solution with a future was to re-style the
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    I Trust You- Believing God Does What He Says

    Has God ever given you a word and then you wondered, “Was that really for me? Was that really from God?” Maybe He spoke to a deep need that lays in your heart. A promise for restoration in your marriage. A word of confirmation that He will bring your wayward child home. A healing that will release you from your painful affliction. Or perhaps a life dream that He promises to fulfill. And yet undoubtedly with each word the Lord speaks, our response is a counterproductive tendency… we question it. We question the very word God spoke to us, and we begin to doubt its authenticity. This is actually the oldest trick of the enemy, with its commencement dating all the way back to the Garden of Eden. When the lying serpent entered the scene his first tactic he utilized to bring destruction upon man, was to plant the seed
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    He Walks with the Broken

    As a high school student, I recall multiple occasions where I arrived to class on a Monday morning and, shortly after the bell rang, a classmate hobbled in with a cast on their leg; relying on crutches to stabilize their gait. They had a note to excuse their tardiness and usually a good story to explain the broken limb. As they favored and catered to their injured limb and followed doctors orders for “no weight bearing”, they tended to move a bit slower and required the assistance of others to help them open doors, navigate hallways and get in and out of their desk. Because they were still practicing how to steady their own weight by balancing on one leg and two wooden pegs, they had a friend walk with them to carry their book bag and school books. In my school, the injured and their designated helper were given
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