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    Afraid of the Dark? Turn on Your Night Light!

    Were you one of those kids that didn’t like to go to bed at night because shadows and noises frightened you?  No matter what you did…hide under the covers…count sheep…sing out loud…your mind went wild with the images of scary monsters or cartoon villains. Thank God someone invented the “night light” for parents who were exhausted from the bedtime ritual of tucking their child in for the night only to hear them calling out, “I am afraid of the dark!”  Something magical happens when that little light shines just enough to dispel the exaggerated images created by ordinary furniture or imaginary creatures causing relentless fear.  It is amazing how one tiny light can bring such comfort. Even as adults, we find ourselves in dark places…where the enemy makes monsters out of shadows and we are emotionally frozen in our tracks with fear! It is then, when we find ourselves wide
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    I Have Nothing God Can Use

    My sisters were very talented. I had none! I could never compete with them. They could sing and play many musical instruments. One was an artist, and the other a public speaker. When my mother was asked what I could do in comparison to my sisters, she replied, “Ruth cleans the house well.” That wasn’t very flattering! How was God going to use me when I had so little to offer Him? When God asked me if I was willing to serve Him in ministry, I said “but, what can I do for you?” God replied, “Can you give a cup of cold water to a thirsty person?” All God wanted was my willingness to use what I already had, and He promised to bless it! “And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” Matthew
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    I Said the Unthinkable!

    No, I didn’t use a swear word or rant and rave like a maniac. But, for most of my life I have had people say things to me that took me off guard and I didn’t know what to say in response. Afterwards, I could think of a hundred things I wished I had said but it was too late. Then, just like Kathleen Kelly told Joe Fox in the movie You’ve Got Mail, it happened to me… “I was able, for the first time in my life to say the exact thing I wanted to say at the exact moment I wanted to say it. And, of course, afterwards, I felt terrible, just as you said I would.”   Have you been there?   People today are expressing themselves in ways and on levels they never have before. Social media now allows individuals to toss verbal grenades while multitudes
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    Finding YOUR Place

    When you travel a lot, you find some pretty interesting places.  While driving through a rural area in the south, I saw a restaurant with this sign attached “There is no place like this place, so this must be THE PLACE.”  The name of the restaurant was “The Place” so the sign made perfect sense.  You might be thinking, “oh how I wish it was just that easy to find the place God has for me.”  If God would provide a ‘sign’ or a GPS signal, a map or a ‘star’ would make it so much easier to know for sure you have arrived at the place where God wants you. One thing is for sure, God wants us to be in the right place.  He has promised to direct our steps and lead us to the place of fulfillment, opportunity and service.  But, we do need His guidance, instruction
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    The Gift of Peace

    The winter of 1975 was anything but peaceful for me.  While studying at Northwest College thousands of miles from family and friends, I faced multiple trials that rocked my world.  I experienced challenges at school, my job seemed uncertain and several family members at home were hospitalized with serious conditions. I had to make some tough decisions on my own and was unable to help those I loved who were so far away.  Leaving for our Senior Class Retreat to the mountains was a welcomed relief.  However, the snow and icy conditions at the camp set me up for a whopping back flip and a cracked elbow.  Surgery was scheduled but until then, my arm was in a cast and I was facing finals with sleepless nights in writhing pain.  On my way to class, carrying my books in my good arm, a storm raged with winds strong enough to
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    A Really Bad Hair Day

    Have you ever worked for months to grow out your hair hoping to achieve a totally new hairstyle…only to have your new haircut be a disaster? Once it is cut, you can’t go back! You can’t glue those lovely long locks of hair back on. All your dreams of an amazing new look are now being swept up from the floor and you are in a puddle of tears. You reach out to someone who has experience in these matters and can work magic. After all, when that haircut is going to be followed by a photoshoot capturing the “new look” for years to come, you need help fast! This seasoned hairdresser evaluates the damages and shares her report, “even more must be cut to fix the problem.” My first reaction was not good. But, I knew she was right.  The only solution with a future was to re-style the
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    A Waste of Time

    Longing for the NEXT while forfeiting the NOW! There have been many times that I longed for the end of a season.  It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate the gift of the season I was in, but when something was unpleasant, I looked ahead to when things would be different.  I had no idea how quickly those moments would pass and a new season would begin.  It never dawned on me that once that season was over, I couldn’t go back to relive it. It takes weeks, months to prepare for Christmas.  But once Christmas is over, winter weather drags on and I am longing for the budding of Spring flowers and warmer temperatures. When pregnant, I counted the days for the baby’s birth.  It came, eventually! Loved those midnight feedings, but looked forward to a little more independence. It came!  Loved having my kids at home but anticipated when
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