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  • Posts By: Laura Piraino

    Come Here and Listen

    As women who seek to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, hearing the still small voice of God through the written pages of His Word is something we crave. There comes a time in life when hearing anything other than His voice is no longer enough, a time when we long to be in His presence, when we need to come close and listen to His voice above all the distractions and chaos of life. In those moments, God calls us from where we are, to where we will be. For me, that moment was in the winter of 2011. We had recently moved into a new house and I was trying to establish a new routine. I know many of us have been there. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes were piled up crying out to be emptied, while at the same
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    Gaze Upon the Cross

    Have you ever gone star gazing? I mean not just stepping out into the night and casually noticing the stars, but really intentionally star gazing.  There is something extraordinary about the stars that turns our gaze up. Last month, I had the incredible opportunity to spend some time living on a sheep farm on the coast of New Zealand.  During the day, we spent our time on shepherding excursions, but at night, when the sun went down and the stars came out…and so did we! Led by a professional New Zealand star-gazer, we were taken to the pinnacle of a cliff on the coast and what a magnificent display of God’s creation we saw!  Against the dark of night, millions, if not billions of stars were visible to the eye as our gaze was fixed up.   Our guide pointed to the sky, naming constellations and connecting their stars with
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    Don’t Forget Your Tambourine!

    One of the first gifts my husband gave me was a suitcase.  I remember unwrapping it, not knowing what it would be, even though the shape and size should have given it away.  He is a pilot, so I suppose a new suitcase is a gift I should have expected! While it really was a nice suitcase, I immediately thought it must be my ‘carry-on bag’, something to put a few extra things in while the majority of my luggage is packed in a larger bag. This bag was great!  It had wheels and a cool pull-up handle…but it was just so small. I had always used a bigger suitcase, one that could hold whatever I might need. It was easy to pack a big suitcase. I could throw in anything I might need no matter the destination, a big bag could hold it all. With a smaller bag, I
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    Beholding Jesus

    Until I met Dan, I had only flown in cabin of a plane, never in the cockpit. We started dating a short time before and dating a pilot came with a whole lot of crazy!   For one of our first dates, Dan needed to deliver a plane to Memphis.  The plane he was flying had no passengers so he invited me to sit in the co-pilot’s seat. Being seated in the cabin, a distance from the captain, gives us a small, limited view, a partial perspective of where we are and what is going on around us, but on this trip, I had been repositioned.  As I sat next to the captain, my eyes were opened to a new, larger perspective.  I was amazed at the view from the cockpit   It was wide and expansive.   The captain had invited me closer, and my perspective changed because all of a sudden,
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